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Dear CD Data Guys,

I received the package today as you promised.  Everything looks great and the user is excited to have all of her data back.  Actually, I'm glad that you recovered the whole hard drive instead of just the folders that I listed because she just discovered another folder that she was going to need and she forgot to tell me about it.

We are very, very pleased with your service.  Many times, when doing business over the web, you have to be skeptical about what you read.  You try to be as careful as you can since you don't know what you are going to get.  This wasn't the story with you.   I liked your prompt response to my requests and the speed and professionalism that you showed through your regular updates.  Also your rates helped minimize the pain of our recovery incident.  My boss told me "keep his e-mail handy in case this happens again..." 

Companies that have business practices like yours are what we need to create more confidence in e-business... 

Thanks again!

Angel Menendez
PC Coordinator
Melton Truck Lines, INC.
Tulsa, OK
E-Mail:   amenendez@meltontruck.com
Phone:  918-234-1000 ext 214

Dear CD Data Guys:

I just wanted to let you know that I have used your company in a class discussion about Customer Service.  I teach a variety of classes for the community college and this weekend, I am teaching Introduction to Business.  One of our chapters deals with Customer Service.  I used your company by name and told the students about the excellent service that I have received from your company.  I appreciate the fact that a company lives up to its sales claims and provides the customer with the needed support and reassurance.  I was being truthful when I stated that I thought this company demonstrates the best of customer service. 

Thank you for your quality service and for giving me something to use an a shining example in my classes.   ...I was very pleased with the customer service and you should be proud of the reputation you are building.

Tamra Davis, Instructor
Tulsa Community College
17362 S. 89th W. Ave.
Mounds, OK
Phone:  918-595-8064
E-mail:  tdavis@tulsa.cc.ok.us


Hello CD Data Guys!

I want you to know how pleased I and my colleagues are with your service. Thanks to the CD Data Guys we were able to recover some extremely important data files and the turnaround time was remarkable.  The Price range we were quoted from other companies ranged from $300.00 to $700.00 and required a $100.00 non-refundable deposit just for evaluation.   You offered the same service both quicker and much more reasonably Priced than any other company we looked at.

Thank you again for the wonderful service!


Lucinda L. Hensley
Research Analyst I
Dept. of Microbiology and Immunology
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
email:  hensley@med.unc.edu
phone:  919-966-2605
fax:  919-962-8103

Dear CD Dataguys,

What a superb service you give:

and above all
Successful Data Recovery

I "lost" hundreds of irreplaceable photographs when my CD reader failed to open almost all of the files on the disc. I was distraught and tried almost everything, to no avail, to recover the photos.

Then I searched the net using the words "CD recovery" in a search engine. A few companies offering data recovery services turned up. I chose yours as the pricing policy is clear, the information is clear, you do not demand up-front payment or credit card details to be sent across the web and most importantly there is a ring of honesty about your site.

So I sent my disc overseas - I live in the UK - and less than 2 days after you received my CD it was on its way back to me with 99% of the data recovered.

I strongly and sincerely recommend you to anybody who has lost data on a CD disc.

Thank you for a wonderful service

Richard Williams
England, U.K.
e-mail:  richard@caldy47.freeserve.co.uk

I am a local police K-9 handler, who just recently retired and started my own private K-9 training service. The damaged backup CD contained countless files for both my three police K-9 partners and their numerous accomplishments, and my private business files -- which included my training brochures, business cards, lesson plans, etc.

On Sunday, after we had our new computer up and running, I opened the recovered CD you sent me. Well, everything was completely recovered! The files are perfect in every way. The files which were identified as unnamed followed by a number were system backups, made by the WordPerfect 9 program.

Needless to say, I am a completely satisfied customer of yours. I sincerely thank you for your personal interest, your time, and for the extremely professional service which you provide.

You have all the referrals I can obtain for you.



            Ed McCorkle
            Private K-9 Services
            202 Kingsley Road
            Cherry Hill, New Jersey
            email:  K9Max6K9@aol.com

Hello CD Data Guys,

Thank you, thank you! 

The CD that I sent you contained digital photos from the last six months.  When I lost access to the folders that contained all the pictures of my children, I was really disappointed.  I called one of your competitors who said they would charge $100 just to look at the CD and $300 to $1200 more to recover any data.  My daughter's prom pictures are really important to me, but I'm not completely crazy.  Needless to say, your Prices interested me.

Well, I'm impressed!  My CD arrived speedily and all the pictures from all the directories but one were recovered.  I guess that subdirectory was where the problem occurred.  All prom and soccer championship pictures are accounted for though. 

I would definitely recommend your service to anyone with CD problems.

Thanks again.

Kay DeGraw
Lewisville, NC
e-mail:  wrdegraw@aol.com

Dear CD Data Guys,

I want to sincerely thank you for recovering what I believed was truly lost data---data that my wife and I had been compiling for almost 3 years. Personal and business files, home budget spreadsheets, and family pictures were among the data, which I truly thought was lost forever.

When I moved all these important files over to my CDR disc and later went looking for them, only to have them disappear, I experience of the most unnerving feelings I have ever had. I was so upset, that I couldn’t even concentrate on anything else. I desperately tried, to no avail, everything I could to find them; panic had then truly set in. I was ready to give up and toss the disc, the disc which I thought was useless.

I then found your website and was encouraged, but admittedly skeptical at first. I figured "Hey, I tried EVERYTHING, those files are long gone, what could this guy possibly do?" From the moment you received my disc, you never gave up. You e-mailed me with progress reports at every interval. I, who was waiting on pins and needles, started feeling a little more comfortable each time. Your supportive messages were also appreciated. I was literally pacing the floors and you managed to calm me down. You remained dedicated to the task and finally recovered all of my files.

...thank you again for everything you’ve done for me, seriously. I truly appreciate your hard work and dedication (not to mention your support). If it weren’t for CD Data Guys, I’d still be sitting in front of my PC right now, sobbing incessantly and staring at my blank Windows Explorer Directory.


    Jeffrey A. Pierce
    604 Greenspring Terrace
    Bear, DE 19701
    (302) 477-8434
    e-mail:  jeffrey.pierce@worldnet.att.net


I'd like to recommend CD Data Guys to anyone who lost valuable data on CD.  You recovered all of my wife's MS-Word files, which are mostly papers and thesis she wrote as a graduate student.  Not only are you quick and customer-friendly, but also the Price is reasonable.  It was a pleasure to do business with you.

Thanks again.

Taesung Kim
Minneapolis, MN
e-mail:  taesung@me.umn.edu


Professional. Quick. Thorough. Reasonably Priced.

This accurately describes your excellent service. I sent you 3 CD's of MP3's from my music library that were too full and could not be read by any CD device. You were able to recover all the songs and sent me new CD's with the music intact.

Thank you for providing such a valuable service, with high integrity and quality of service. I hope I don't have to be a repeat customer, but if I do, it will again be well worth it!

Roy Carnes
Charlotte, NC
e-mail:  MecayRoy@aol.com


CD Data Guys,

Thanks for the great service.  I would like to recommend CD Data Guys to anyone who needs their CD data recovered.  You offer a great service.  You recovered Autocad drawings for me worth thousands of dollars.  You were prompt and kept me informed.  The Price can't be beat either.  I recommend CD Data Guys to anyone who has lost use of their CD.

Thanks Guys


A Happy Customer
          Ted Brazil,
          Fisher Sherer Inc.
          Rock Hill, SC
          e-mail:  fsi1@charlotte.infi.net

CD Data Guys --

    Living in Alaska sometimes presents difficulties that maybe other users/customers don't have to consider in the "Lower 48".  After rushing my Adaptec Software and writing over an existing directory, I was no longer able to access my 850 some photos on CD.  I could tell they still existed due to the properties reading showing the amount of volume used/remaining.  Having dealt with this type of problem in years past (DOS & early Windows on hard drives & floppies), I knew that it was probably the FAT partition.  Of course, I hurriedly called all my "tech" friends in the Anchorage, Alaska, area only to be told that my photos and CD were a goner and only for probably a couple thousand dollars would a data recovery outfit be able to retrieve it.  After several days of researching the internet, I was able to find one I felt confident with at $300, and another who could do it for $800.  I continued to search and found your website listed for providing a similar service at $89.  (I must say that I truly wondered if you could do it with the cost difference being so great.)   YOU HAVE RECOVERED my data, done it in a most timely fashion (right before Thanksgiving), and have surprised many of my "tech" friends with a service at an affordable Price.  I am spreading the word as much as possible up here and thought you might like another testimony from a VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER in Alaska.

Truly thankful,
Lillian Person
24120 Ramblers Rd., #A
Chugiak, AK
e-mail:  rlperson@gci.net

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