We offer data recovery service for computer hard drives that have lost their data because of:

Basic system file corruption caused by:  Virus attacks - Lost drive letter - Lost partitions - Configuration errors - BIOS limitations

Critical sectors lost or damaged:  Boot sector - Root directory -  Even if the FAT tables have been destroyed! 

Deleted files:  As long as the files have not been written over, we can recover them. 

Reformatted hard drives:  Once again, as long as the files have not been written over, we can recover your data.

Physical damage:  Corruption due to head crashes - Defective media

Many software utilities can make your data unrecoverable.  Use the software utilities for preventative maintenance, not data recovery.  One of the problems with using a disk repair utilities, such as Norton Disk Doctor, is that they overwrite structures on the drive.  Any data that is overwritten is made unrecoverable.

Package your hard drive well.  Use a box twice as large as the hard drive.   Tape foam rubber around it if you have it.  If you don't, use bubble wrap.  Center the hard drive in the package and make sure it cannot move by stuffing packaging fill around it.

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Do it yourself software is available for:

Hard drive recovery
Fast file undelete
CD data recovery

Try the demos here.

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