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CD-Rs and CD-RWs

Please send us the original CD that needs to be recovered, not just a copy of it. 

If you can see the file names in Windows Explorer but you can't open or copy them, we probably will not be able to help you.  That is an indication that the files were either copied to the CD in a corrupt state or that they were corrupted in the copying process.  When this happens the files would never have been viewable from the CD.

If you cannot see the files in question - in Windows Explorer - we probably will be able to retrieve your data.  When this happens the files generally would have been viewable at one time after being copied to the CD.

In a nutshell, for us to do a recovery on a CD - the files - at one time - needed to be in good shape on the CD.  If they never were in good shape we will not be able to help you.  We cannot recover something that was never in good shape to begin with.   So, if you were ever (at any time) able to open and read the files from your CD in question, we should be able to recover the files for you.

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CD Data Guys,

Thanks for the great service.  I would like to recommend CD Data Guys to anyone who needs their CD data recovered.  You offer a great service.  You recovered Autocad drawings for me worth thousands of dollars.  You were prompt and kept me informed.  The Price can't be beat either.  I recommend CD Data Guys to anyone who has lost use of their CD.

Thanks Guys

A Happy Customer
Ted Brazil,
Fisher Sherer Inc.
Rock Hill, SC

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